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Key Things to Consider On Insurance Quotes Comparison Sites


The popularity of insurance quotes comparison sites seem to be increasing with every day that passes. These sites are known to help individuals find the cheapest insurance policy in almost no time. After all, they ensure clients compare multiple insurance quotes from leading insurers before settling on the most viable option.

But with their rising number, so do more scammers join the field. That’s why you should always be wary of the insurance quotes comparison site you choose to leverage. To help make this possible, below are a few key things to consider on insurance quotes comparison sites.

Voluntary or Compulsory Excess?

To drive down the headline price and get ranked near the top of the website, insurance companies with add a high voluntary excess on top of the compulsory excess. This is irrespective of what details you’ve entered. No wonder you need to make sure you check the excess before proceeding with the deal.

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Is It The Best Deal?

Initially, insurance quotes comparison sites told insurers they could only offer their best deal on the sites. But a review by the Competition Commission has halted this practice. Now more than ever, the vast majority of comparison sites charge a fee to the insurers to appear on the site and cash in by getting successful concluded deals. This imposed fee adds to the amount you pay so bring so ringing the insurer could net you the same cover, but without the site fee added on.

Is It Suitable For You?

Insurance quotes comparison sites mostly cater for the average motorist, but if you don’t fit into this category, you’re unlikely to see the best deals online. For instance, if you drive a classic car, want driving abroad cover or have convictions on your license, then leveraging a specialist insurer is the best way to go.

Never make the mistake of working with an insurance quotes comparison site for the sheer sake. Instead, find time to look into its offerings before you can finally get and compare multiple insurance quotes from the site.

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