You might be duped into believing that wisdom teeth are meant to help you wiser. But this is far from the truth since these late-stage molars often lead to extreme discomfort when they erupt from the gums and crowd your existing teeth. Worse, it could lead to jaw alignment, sinus problems, long-term damaging cavities, and cysts.

However, not everyone experiences these symptoms and discomforts of wisdom teeth. For the lucky fee, the question remains- are it worth to remove wisdom teeth? And merely because oral surgery is the standard practice, do all wisdom teeth need to be removed? Here are a few reasons that will convince you to remove wisdom teeth.

Damage to Nearby Teeth

Since your permanent teeth are already in place, this extra set of molars’ eruption can force them to shift their position. This leads to pain, bite issues, and overcrowding, making it difficult to brush and floss effectively. Eventually, it leads to cavities or tooth decay. In the event that treatment is delayed, you may also have to undergo additional procedures to straighten impacted neighboring teeth.

Sensitivity and Pain

Most patients only realize that their wisdom teeth are impacted when they start experiencing pain. But similar to any other dental problem, it starts small and even virtually undetectable. Never should you ignore any toothache, or sensitivity and slight throbbing sensations. Instead, keep a close eye on where it occurs.

If the pain happens upon contact to the back of the mouth as you eat or brush, chances are your wisdom teeth have erupted. It won’t take long before it shows that they’re growing at an angle to the other teeth. This, in turn, impacts the jaws, or crowding neighboring teeth.

The Bottom Line

There are numerous reasons that call for you to remove wisdom teeth. From damage to nearby teeth and damage to the jaw, to sinus problems and inflamed gums, you need to be worry about these and other signs. The good news is you no longer have to go through a lot merely because you want to remove wisdom teeth.

In this modern day and age, you can find a reputable dentist online and have them remove your wisdom teeth in almost no time. Be sure to do your homework to find more information about wisdom teeth removal and its long-term and health benefits.