Kungfu Physics is Singapore’s premier physics tution for physics instruction, offering classes at IP, O Level, and JC levels. To protect our pupils from the spreading pandemic, we are now providing online Physics tutoring in addition to our regular physical courses. The center develops its distinctive curricula and programs by fusing techniques validated by studies on high-achieving kids and “secrets” employed by Top O-Level/IP/JCs. We give our students the solid conceptual grounding, information, and skill sets they need to achieve excellent achievements, as well as the inspiration they need to view the world from fresh angles and with greater comprehension.

All of the sessions at Kungfu Physics are taught by Mr. Gabriel Tan, the founder of the school. Mr. Tan has previously taught at Catholic High Secondary School for O-Level and IP Physics tracks as well as Raffles JC (Raffles Institution) in both the JC and IP Secondary levels. In physics tution Mr. Tan is skilled and able to assist students from various backgrounds to obtain good outcomes in their examinations thanks to his teaching expertise in neighborhood schools and prestigious JCs.

Although Mr. Tan (see testimonials) checks on students’ work, marks particular questions, and provides answers before and after class, students still receive individualized attention from him even though our physical and online Physics tuition lessons are held in group tuition settings. As a result, you frequently see our kids graduate from high school motivated and enthusiastic about physics because they recognize the potential benefits of science to society.

Additionally, through the O Level and Level Physics Tuition sessions, students make new friends from various schools and gain from content sharing and collaborative learning. The two centers—a physics tutoring facility in Bishan and a physics tutoring facility in Bt Timah—are conveniently close to the Bishan MRT and the Beauty World MRT stations, respectively. Both facilities have a covered walkway connecting the MRT stations to the centers. As the curriculum is moving quickly, get in touch with us today.

The more you delay, the more opportunity you lose to earn a distinction! Our teaching in physics at Kung Fu Physics goes beyond simply studying for examinations and using textbooks. We want to demonstrate to students the practical applications of physics. In physics tutionwe show students how physics may be used in a variety of professions, including sports, engineering, economics, and medical technology, as well as in management, leadership, and cuisine.