Have you come across commercial buildings fitted with VRF HVAC systems? May be you deem it to be the ideal replacement for your business? If so, it pays off to first understand what a VRF HVAC system brings to your business before rushing over this purchase decision. After all, it is the only way you can get good value for your money.

Variable Refrigerant Flow, or VRF, is a type of heating and cooling system for residential or commercial applications. To better understand how it works, you need to start by examining the basics of common HVAC systems. Most heating and cooling fall within two broad categories: ducted split systems or ductless, mini-split systems.

A split system with a compressor unit outside and an evaporator in the garage or attic uses a refrigerant and a water-based system to cool air. The coolant helps change the temperature of the coils, which cycling air passes over. Ductless systems are similar, except they don’t use ducts. Rather, they blow cool or warm air directly to the space they are house in.

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A VRF HVAC system operates a little differently than a split system. It relies on refrigerant alone instead of a water-based cooling system. Without coils or chillers, a VRF system is quick, responsive, a captive to outdoor conditions. It doesn’t stop at that since they use inverter compressors.

A VRF HVAC allows for multiple air handlers within the same system. Due to the fact that it doesn’t use ducts, different rooms or spaces are equipped with a wall or ceiling mounted indoor unit to distribute air. This allows users to make more specific heating and cooling decisions based on the room or space.

The good thing about a VRF HVAC is that it serves as highly efficient heating and cooling solution for residential or commercial buildings. It is ideal for customers looking to trade higher up-front cost for increased energy saving and room-to-room HVAC customization. So, why not invest in a VRF HVAC system and watch as it works wonders to your commercial building?