Are you looking forward to getting the best cash back credit card? If so, this one of the best decisions that you can ever make in your quest of changing your financial future for the better. Unfortunately, finding the best cash back card may turn out to be a mammoth task especially when you do not know what to look for.

The good news is we are here to offer a helping hand when shopping around. Here are two factors to consider when looking for the best cash back credit card.

Rewards Rate

First things first, you ought to factor in the cash back rewards rate before making any decision. For you to have a remarkable experience, it is highly advisable that you opt for cash back rewards rate of 1.5% to 2% for flat percentage cash back rewards. However, the rewards rate for rotating spending categories tend to vary from 3% to 5% typically.

In case you settle for a cash back credit card with annual limits on the amount of cash back you can earn but plan to exceed that limit, then it would be better for you to use another cash back credit card. That way, you are destined to earn more cash rewards. You should, however, be strategic on how you use the best cash back credit cards.

Introductory APR

If your main intention is repaying your credit card balance in full each month, then there is need of worrying about the APR. Instead, prioritize the sign-up bonus, the percentage cash back and other perks when you choose the best cash back card. Alternatively, you can settle for a low introductory APR if you plan to make a big purchase before paying off your credit card balance in full.

Bottom Line

There are so many factors you need to consider when searching for the best cash back card. From the sign-up bonus and annual fee to redemption and rewards rate, never skimp on anything when making a decision. You want to get the best deal and this is only possible if you shop around. Fortunately, you can leverage the internet in this regard and get every piece of information you need without going through a lot. That way, you can rest assured you are relying on the best cash back card available at the moment.


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