It is without a doubt that cancer research plays a vital role in transforming and saving lives. After all, the main aim of studying cancer is to come up with safe and effective methods to prevent, detect, diagnose, treat and cure cancer. The more we learn about these diseases, the more progress we will make towards curbing the tremendous human and economic tolls of cancer.

One thing you ought to keep in mind is that cancer research requires partnerships and collaborations to attain the intended results. This involves clinicians, researchers, patients, and others to translate the discoveries of yesterday into today’s advances and tomorrow’s cures. Furthermore, the progress of research is often not linear but rather cyclical and ongoing.

In cancer research, there are two main types of research studies i.e., Experimental studies and Observational studies. Experimental studies offer an intervention such as new treatment to a group of people. The main aim of this type of study is to learn more about how cancers starts or spreads. Furthermore, it helps test new imaging techniques and explores quality of life issues.

Things tend to be different with observational studies as it entails observing people in a more natural setting and looking for a specific result. This study involves studying how different risk cause or spread a disease. No wonder it is commonly described as being epidemiologic.

But why is cancer research important in the first place? Well, it helps us accumulate extensive knowledge regarding the biological process involved in cancer onset, growth, and spread. These have in turn led to effective and more targeted treatments and prevention strategies for cancer. Remember, discoveries made in one type of cancer can bring about new ideas to better address others.

Te Bottom Line

The role of research in cancer can never be ignored if the numerous benefits it brings about are anything to go by. This clearly explains why more researchers, doctors, organizations and institutions are investing a lot of time, money and effort in cancer research. One institution that is already attracting the attention of many is Duke-NUS as they have taken cancer research to a totally different level.

Even though many things have been done through cancer research, more is still expected from researchers and all parties involved. This is what the world needs to tackle the growing problem posed by cancer and bring a better tomorrow.