Escape Rooms are attracting the attention of many not only in Singapore, but also in different parts of the world.  And this is to see why if the numerous benefits it has to offer are anything to go by. What is even better, you can now rely on a Virtual Escape Room Singapore provider and avoid the stress that comes with In-Person Escape games.

All it takes is for you to look for a reputable Virtual Escape Room Singapore, and you’re to go. To ensure everything runs smoothly, here are two important questions to consider when planning an escape room activity.

Should weplay it Online or In-Person?

Some people may argue that escape rooms are best played when everyone is in the same place. Of course, there’s some truth in this but the added challenges playing online can have a positive impact on the experience. One might wonder how this is even possible in the first place!

Well, a Virtual Escape Room can force you to think laterally while looking for ways to overcome any issues emanating from the limits of technology.  You should however keep in mind that the game master may have to intervene more often when playing remotely. Always remember to steer the team back on course if communication begins to breakdown.

Where Should You Go?

Even though it may sound obvious, we can never emphasize this point enough. If you’re planning to have social events or team treats, host your activities away from work. Alternatively, you can hire a location of your choice be it an art gallery out of hours or a conference venue.

In case going out of the office is too expensive, then you can set up a Virtual Escape Room. This will make it easy for you to align the activities with some of the challenges your team is currently experiencing. It is then that you can attain the expected results after the Escape game.

Final Thoughts

Many factors come into play when planning an escape room activity. You want to have a memorable experience and this is only possible if you do your homework right. This includes choosing a theme that matches the mood you want to create, not forgetting the skills you hope to build. That way, you can never regret your decision after opting for an in-person or Virtual Escape Room in Singapore.