Whether jumpstarting the Chinese language or refining things you have already mastered, choosing the right program can make all the difference. However, this is easier said than done with the sheer number of Chinese language schools complicating things even further. That’s why you must always exercise caution while looking for a reliable language school.

To pull this off hassle-free, ensure you ask any question you may have in mind. Actually, this is the only way you can assess the quality of potential programs. That said, here are some of the questions to ask when choosing a Chinese language school.

What are the Teacher’s Qualifications?

Even though most Mandarin language schools have teachers with excellent qualifications, this is not always the case. That’s why you should ask the program for more information about the teachers you will be studying with. Take this as the perfect opportunity to find out the number of teachers you will be exposed to and how much the teacher can, or is expected to speak Chinese.

A reputable language school should rely on teachers who have amassed years of experience in the field. Furthermore, they must be more than willing to offer all the help you need. With such teachers, you’ll definitely have an easy ride while learning Chinese.

What is the Average Class Size?

This is without a doubt one of the must-ask questions before joining a Chinese language school.  However, a large class size is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, more classmates mean you have more opportunities to make friends and form study groups. If this is not enough, you can learn Chinese with a variety of styles and abilities.

Nevertheless, you should not ignore the idea of joining a language school with small or even private classes. Keep in mind small class size ensures you get personal attention from the teacher. What is even better, you can tailor the class to your own weaknesses and strengths.

Final Thoughts

Picking a Chinese language school is not a decision you can risk making blindly. Remember, you’re investing a lot of money to learn Chinese and you deserve to get good value for it.  Feel free to ask any question you may have and ensure they provide satisfactory answers. Through this action, you will not cry foul way after joining the Chinese language school of choice.