Changing the color of your existing cabinets can really breathe new life into a dated kitchen space. Whether you choose to go with navy blue, white, or black kitchen cabinets, a fresh paint job is just the refresh you need. With what the internet offers, you can never run out of options while searching for DIY articles and logs to leverage.

But this kind of project is never an easy undertaking as it sounds. Actually, painting your own kitchen cabinets is a big task, with a lot of potential blunders. Here are common mistakes to avoid when painting your kitchen cabinets.

Rushing into The Process

We understand you don’t want to eat into your precious time, but painting your kitchen cabinets in a few short hours will never help you with anything. Even for those with a small kitchen space, this project can take a couple of days when you consider the necessary preparation time, adequate paint application, and drying time.

Since a lot goes into painting your own kitchen cabinets, it’s definitely not a good idea to jump in and try to rush over it thinking it can be done in one afternoon. If you had this in mind, then it might be the ideal time to change how you do things.

Forgetting How the Change will Influence the Rest of the Space

It is easy for one to look at their current kitchen and imagine what their cabinets will look like in a different color. But what many forget is that this action changes the look of the entire room. Painting your cabinets can change the appearance of neighboring colors, such as surrounding walls.

If you prefer painting your kitchen cabinets white and your walls are an off-white or cream color, there is a good chance the walls could look dirty or yellowish. This only leads to additional cost, time and work in the event that you have to paint your walls as well.

The above are merely some of the common mistakes to avoid when painting your own cabinets. Ensure you research more mistakes and learn what it takes to keep them at bay. It is only then that you can reap maximum benefits.

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