A commercial fridge is one of the most essential assets for any owner of a hospitality business. Since your shop, bar and restaurant needs to keep some food, wine and milk at an appropriate temperature you’ll probably need a commercial fridge to help you out.Of course, different food and beverage businesses have different commercial fridge needs.

So, if your business turns over a lot of meals you’ll likely require several refrigerators for different storage and supply purposes. However, there are still some requirements that are universal for all refrigerators. Therefore, keep reading to find out key features to look for when buying a commercial fridge.

Good Energy Efficiency and Insulation

A commercial fridge that is energy efficient is likely to bring you savings in the form of lower power bills. If your fridge is going to be used over a long period, then it will be worth shelling out a bit more on an energy proficient unit. After all, it will lower running costs over time thus bringing its lifetime cost down.

A critical part of your fridge’s efficiency is the quality of the insulation it has, and polyurethane foam is probably the best option. It has excellent insulation properties because of its high compression strength and low thermal conductivity.  And this means the foods and drinks in your fridge will stay cold for longer while using less energy.

The Right Capacity

It’s obvious, your fridge needs to meet the requirements of your shop or kitchen and so having the right capacity is essential. Of course, you’ll need enough space to store the produce required for your most demanding service period. And you risk not being able to cope with demand and any more might mean an inefficient refrigerator with higher running cost.

It’s also crucial you remember who’s going to be using the fridge. You and your team still need to reach and access all your goods comfortably and it’s for this reason that you may sometimes need to check the fridge in person. Fortunately, this is something you will never have to worry about when counting on True Refridgeration.