So, you’ve finally invested in the coveted Maserati watch. Congrats! This is the first step in the right direction if you are to leave a fashion statement when out and about. Better, Maserati watches are designed to serve you for many years to come making sure you get good value for your money.

However, these little machines also contain hundreds of components within, operating extremely fine tolerances to keep the watch running. That’s why you should understand what it takes to get the most from your Maserati watch. Here are two tips to employ and make your Maserati watch last a lifetime.

Water Resistance Matters

Every Maserati watch has a water-resistance rating indicated in atmospheric pressure or water depth. But that’s not to say you have the freedom to do anything you so desire with it. Actually, doing this is only going to damage your watch. Remember, these numbers signify a standardized water resistance classification.

In short, understand the water resistance capability of your Maserati watch before using it. Furthermore, you must give the watch a proper check before taking it for a swim since its protective rubber seal tends to deteriorate as years pass by.

Protect the Crown

It is without a doubt that the crown is the only thing standing between you and the delicate movement within your Maserati watch.  So, it’s important to treat it right at all times to be in a better position to get good value for your money. When not wearing your Maserati watch, place it flat on a soft surface rather than resting it on the crown.

In case of any issue with the watch, you are better off taking it to experts to deal with the problem. At no time should you open up your Maserati watch without understanding what’s expected. Doing this may end up complicating things even further.

The Bottom Line

Taking good care of your Maserati watch is not that hard as it might sound in the first place. All it takes is for you to understand what goes into proper care and maintenance, and you’re good to go. Keep in mind it all starts with where you buy your Maserati watch. To avoid going home with a replica, get one from the United States official store for watches. One such watch shop is the renowned H2 Hub Watches.