For more than 70 years, True Refrigeration equipment has continued to exceed the expectations of its clients by meeting high standards through the use of high-quality materials. The performance and design of their commercial refrigerators and freezers remain unmatched. Due to its immense popularity, thousands of large-size restaurants only use the refrigeration systems made by the company.

Some features found in select commercial freezers that are most liked by their clients include triple-paned glass doors and PVC-bonded shelving. Here are a few reasons to consider True Refrigeration equipment:

  1. Made in the USA

The company is committed to providing the best and most durable freezers that are manufactured in the USA. Parts of the freezers are created to optimize the performance of the cabinet. True Refrigeration brand manufacturers use high-quality metals for every cabinet.

  1. Long-lasting fan motors

Generally, low-quality fan motors have an average lifespan of fewer than 3 years. However, the True Refrigeration brand’s evaporator fan motor can last for more than 15 years. The manufacturers use cast iron parts and fan motors that have less velocity. Moreover, these fan motors lower energy cost as it slowly blows high volumes of air through the evaporator.

  1. Balanced Condensing Units

In every True refrigeration model, the manufacturers use balanced and oversized condensing units. They design each condensing system based on the refrigerator model so that it fits perfectly. Its competitors normally employ a 24-32-pass condenser, whereas the True refrigeration brand uses a 40-pass condenser.

  1. Sizeable Evaporators

Oversized evaporates can promote the safety of food products and maximize your savings on utilities. Hence, the brand use evaporators that are around 25-66 percent bigger compared to other systems. Their copper tuning is also larger in diameter than their competitor’s copper tubing.

  1. Durable PVC-coated Shelving

The company creates its own heavy-duty shelves instead of getting them from other stores. The reason is they want to prevent chipping and peeling. Hence, their shelves use larger diameter steel and are coated with PVC.


We hope now you understand the best reasons to consider True Refrigeration equipment and why it has gained so much popularity ever since it started manufacturing customized freezers.