The best vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet make light work of keeping our homes clean and dust free. Considering the amount of work we put on vacuum cleaners through, they’re easily prone to occasional breakdown. This is mostly the case if you do not take good care of your vacuum. Today, we will share some of the common vacuum cleaner problems you may have to make do with. Keep in mind these problems occur whether you own the best car vacuum for pet hair or the best handheld vacuum for stairs.

Vacuum Cleaner is not working

This is one of the most common problems you have to make do with when owning a vacuum. Simply because your vacuum cleaner won’t stay on or turn on, it does not mean you should render it useless. With a little expert advice, you can fix this problem without encountering any issues whatsoever.

To give you a slight insight into what to do when your vacuum cleaner has stopped working, you can start by checking the power. Is the vacuum cleaner plugged into a working power outlet? If not, connect it and you’re good to go. When this is not the cause, simply examine if the bag is full, thermal cut-out is full or a faulty on/off switch. It is then that you’ll never have to worry simply because your best vacuum for pet hair is not working.

Vacuum Cleaner has a Burning Smell

Have you ever spent a fortune in buying the best shark vacuum for vinyl plank floors only to realize it smells like burning? If so, chances are there is something faulty with the vacuum and you need to employ different troubleshooting tips to fix it. The moment you notice the burning smell, turn of the vacuum cleaner and check the cable, plug and wall socket.

If the problem does not emanate from any of these, you should check for blocked filters or an overfull bag since they tend to put extra pressure on the motor. To solve the problem, empty the bag and replace or clean the filters.

Final Thoughts

Simply because you bought the best vacuum under $200, it does not you’ll never encounter problems when using it. In case the problem is way beyond your control, it would be better to take it to a vacuum shop and have it checked by a professional.