Many people have requested this product since it’s appearance on store shelves, but many consumers are confused about CBD gummy bears and what they contain. This article is intended to clear up any confusion you may have regarding the contents of CBD gummy bears. So, what are CBD gummy bears? Are they safe to eat or are they banned? Let’s break down the answers to these questions for you.


The main ingredient label on CBD Gummy Bears lists “Hemp Seed”. Additional information is also provided, such as the number of CBD grams in each pack, and what the recommended dosage is for an adult. Each pack contains 10mg of the best quality CBD available, which is also the maximum amount recommended for use by adults. They do not contain gluten, wheat, yeast, or other allergens that are common in other types of snacks.

Health Benefits-

Just as with most CBD products, including CBD oil, CBD gummy bears have a variety of positive benefits when consumed regularly. Consuming them has the same effect on the body as consuming alcohol or caffeine does, but without the negative side effects. Most likely, they are much safer than drinking alcohol or caffeine because they don’t cause jittery nerves, upset stomach, or feelings of anxiety when taken. When you consume CBD, it acts like an anti-depressant, increasing the levels of serotonin in the brain and throughout the body. This provides the same health benefits as prescription medications, without the negative side effects.

How it Benefits-

Not unlike other naturally occurring substances such as sugar, fibre, and many other natural ingredients, CBD products come in a wide range of forms. Some of the more common forms of CBD products include CBD gummy bears, CBD oil, CBD seed, and CBD lip balm. Regardless of form, all of these products are derived from hemp, which is the prime source of CBD and has been proven to have significant medical benefits in people who consume it regularly.

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